Join the camp's resident naturalist on a walk to check camera traps and gibbon stations as they collect data on the densities of certain species that call WILD home.

We have found endangered species such as the Pillated Gibbon, Dhole (Asiatic wild dog), and even new species of orchids. This place is a good hot spot for conservation.

Munny, University of Phnom Penh masters graduate and head naturalist at WILD.

We're not just concerned with our own backyard, our vision extends further afield. Wildlife exchange programs with fellow naturalists, scientists and researchers in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa and Mongolia are in the works.

Adventure Butlers

Part guide, part friend, part magician. Our Adventure Butlers anticipate your every need. Finding unforgettable activities to suit your tastes and fitness, they accompany you on all your adventures, from motorbike rides to boat trips. Not to mention the traditional butler role: unpacking and packing your luggage and fulfilling your ad-hoc requests.


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