Farm to Fork and Forest Foraging at Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection

1 December 2022

At Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection in the Southern Cardamom National Park, sustainable forest foraging is one of the Executive Chef’s daily activities. Due to the luxury camp’s unique and extremely remote location, his best ingredients are literally at his feet in the middle of the jungle which is his natural Cambodian larder. A popular guest activity is to join Chef on his daily foraging rounds and select items to include in delicious dishes back at the camp.

A large organic farm and free-range chicken run to supply eggs has been created, including specially designated vegetable and herb gardens, a cocktail and spa garden and a plant nursery area. This supports the camp’s commitment to sustainability by sourcing as much of their produce as possible from near-by farmers, only importing what they need and cannot find locally.

The farm is located within the Camp’s vast acreage on a site specifically chosen so it was not in the wilderness part of the property, but near the staff village and property boundary with the village where it will have a minimum impact on the wild lands. Any surplus from harvests will is used in the Siem Reap properties or packaged for sale. There is a dedicated composting barn for kitchen waste management.

Vegetable and herb garden – 60 x 10 sqm

Cocktail and Spa Garden – 20 x 5 sqm

Free range Chicken Run – 60 x 20 sqm

When building the farm, leftover materials from the construction period were used that were no longer needed and would otherwise have been disposed of. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the farm and marigolds have been planted between crops, creating a picturesque and effective insect repellent. Crops being grown include a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit varieties.

Cooking School Sala

A rustic open-air cooking sala at the farm can accommodate up to 4 guests at a time for the popular cooking classes. Guests can choose 3 items off Chef’s seasonal menu to create and will receive souvenir aprons, a certificate and the recipes to impress their family and friends as they recreate their Cambodian dishes at home.

The cooking sala experience begins with guests’ zip lining over the river and then foraging through the forest towards the cooking sala for 1-2 hours. On arrival at the cooking sala they are served refreshments before collecting more ingredients from the adjacent organic farm before using all ingredients to prepare 3 delicious dishes which they will then enjoy in the dining section of the sala.

Link for images of farm at Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection

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